Work rules of


  1. In order to acquire the desired positions, they need to be put in the basket. To do this, just press the "buy" button near the position of interest. If the "buy" button is missing and the position is grayed out, then this position is not 100% available. it can not be ordered.
  2. In the cart, you can change the number of items already entered, delete the erroneously selected items.
  3. Next you will be asked to register / login to our site - it is a mandatory procedure and neohodimo to you in the future could track the progress of the order, as well as for storing personal discounts etc.
  4. After registration, you will be asked to choose one of the payment and delivery methods.
  5. At the last step you can activate the coupon code by entering its code in the corresponding box, then check the correctness of the entered data, if it's all right, confirm the order.
  6. Further, at that, when registering, email you will be sent a confirmation of acceptance of the order, if you have not received a letter, it means in Spam, you will not have correctly specified e-mail address or to place an order.

Processing of the order.

After you have carried out the order, we will constantly inform you about its advancement by e-mail. Unfortunately, we do not yet have the technical ability to notify you by phone. We hope that in the future, such a service will appear.
Presence of positions from your order you can always check in the Personal account on the site in the History of orders.
Any questions regarding the order, please send via Home> Profile> Order history> Ask a question.

Add items to the order.

Add goods in can only be to the order, which is at the stage of completion ie. has the status of "ACCEPTED AND COMPLETED", as follows:

  1. Having issued a new order, but necessarily indicating in the comments that it should be combined with order No. ... This method is more convenient and effective because the goods are written off from our warehouse and can not get into the "strange" order.
  2. Via Tech Support, specifying the order number, article number, name and quantity of goods to be added to the order (Home> Profile> Order history> Ask a question).

Forming / completion of the order.

Term of order formation from 1 to 7 calendar days. If you have goods with statuses "Coming Soon", "On Order", or delivered from remote warehouses, the order completion time can be longer. If you need an urgent order, please mention this in the comments to the order, because If there is one or several goods delivered from remote warehouses in the order, it is not possible to perform an operative execution of the order.

If your order contains more than one item and at the time of sending not all items are available, then we reserve the right to send you NOT a full order. If your order is relevant only if you send all the items, then please specify it in the comments to the order.

Characteristics of the GOODS.

Due to different technical characteristics of the monitors, the color of the PRODUCT may differ from the one presented on the website.

The characteristics and appearance of the product may differ from those described on the website.


The packaging of your orders is handled by our specialists with extensive experience, which guarantees high-quality packaging.

Delivery times after the order is formed.

  1. Shipment at own expense across SPb - within 2 days.
  2. Shipment at own expense across Russia - from 2nd to 30 days.
  3. The courier across SPb - within 2 days.
  4. The courier across Russia - from 2nd to 30 days.
  5. By post across Russia a simple parcel - from 10 days to 1st month.
  6. By post across Russia the 1st class - from 5 days to 3 weeks.
  7. By post out of borders of the Russian Federation a simple parcel - from 20 days to 1.5 months.
  8. By post out of borders of the Russian Federation the 1st class - from 15 days to 1st month.

Оформление товаров со статусами «Скоро в продаже» и «Под заказ».

  • товары с отметкой "Под заказ" из данного списка заказываются у поставщиков сразу же после оформления Вами предзаказа и оперативно отправляются в Россию. Отменить заказ на такие товары зачастую невозможно. Пожалуйста, не оформляйте предзаказ, если вы не готовы выкупить предзаказанные позиции!
  • при поступлении одного или более товаров из данного списка из них формируется заказ. В этот же момент вам на эл. почту отправляется уведомление о необходимости подтвердить заказ в течении 3-х дней. После формирования заказа из поступивших позиций и его подтверждения, при необхоидмости, в заказ можно добавить дополнительные товары через форму добавления товара в заказ в Корзине, а также изменить контактную информацию и способы оплаты и доставки (для этого нужно написать нам в ответном письме о необходимости внести изменения в заказ);
  • цены на товары (в т.ч. учитывающие накопительные скидки) в данном списке зафиксированы на момент оформления предзаказа и не меняются ни в большую, ни в меньшую сторону (даже при условии изменения цены на данный товар на витрине);
  • мы не даем 100% гарантии, что все предзаказанные товары поступят и поступят в указанные сроки. Товар может быть заказан, подтвержден поставщиком и оплачен, но не поступить по факту. Достаточно редки, но не исключены случаи пересорта, повреждения товаров или поступления бракованных позиций. В таких ситуациях мы максимально оперативно сообщаем Вам о возникшей проблеме и перезаказываем товар у поставщика, если это актуально и он есть в наличии;
  • сроки поступления товаров из данного списка - приблизительные и могут варьироваться как в меньшую, так и в большую сторону;
  • товары из предзаказа, поступившие на наш склад не резервируются до поступления остальных позиций из списка Товары под заказ!
  • при наличии в предзаказе товара, участвующего в акции "бесплатная доставка", данная акция не распространяется на все товары из списка Товары под заказ. В таком случае, бесплатная доставка будет только у тех товаров, которые будут отправлены вместе с участвующим в акции товаром;
  • к товарам из списка Товары под заказ нельзя применить купон или засчитать часть их стоимости бонусами с UNOкошелька. Сделать это можно только после формирования и подтверждения заказа из поступивших позиций (для этого нужно написать нам в ответном письме о необходимости применить купон/списать бонусы). 


Return / replacement of goods.

Before sending the models, the packer quickly checks the model for obvious marriage, but there are cases when a non-quality product comes to the customer or it is damaged during transportation. There are several ways out of this situation:

  1. You send us a model by mail (the address is available on request), after receiving the model, we will refund you for the model, and also compensate you for postage costs * for sending the model to us. When sending the model, carefully pack it, the estimated cost is 100 rubles., Sending by standart post without any payment.
  2. We provide an additional 5% discount for your next order.

* - Postage costs are compensated only if you received the order by mail. With any other method of delivery, you have the opportunity to check the goods for the presence of marriage prior to its purchase and, if you are not satisfied with the quality, refuse to purchase it.


Refunds for prepaid goods are carried out in the following cases:

  1. Upon the expiration of the order. If due to the lack of goods in the warehouse, we did not send you the order or part of the order, then at the end of the term of the order (from 1 to 3 months, specified by you when placing the order) we will contact you by E-mail regarding the extension of the term of the order. In case of receipt of your refusal to extend the order, the money in full amount of transfer (+ commission fee Webmoney) will be refunded within 48 hours. If you do not receive your answer, the money will be returned automatically within 5 to 7 days.
  2. Early, at your request. In the event that the order or part of the order has not yet been sent to the post office, upon your request received via E-mail, we will refund to you the unrealized amount (without Webmoney commission fee) within 48 hours.
  3. Order is issued incorrectly. In case if the delivery method was chosen incorrectly when placing an order and the client does not answer or refuses to request a surcharge, we will refund the unrealized amount (without Webmoney commission fee) within 48 hours after the expiry of the ten-day payment term.

ATTENTION: Money is refunded ONLY to the r / s from which they were received!

Black list.

In case the customer did not redeem his order in the mail, the courier, at the point of self-delivery after receiving the letter that the order was formed, the client automatically falls into the black list. All further orders from him will be accepted only at 100% payment. If your order for any reason is no longer relevant, then do not forget to tell us about it.

Processing of personal data.

By submitting your personal data when registering on the site, filling out orders or using feedback forms, the client gives the Seller his consent to processing and using his personal data in accordance with Federal Law No. 152-FZ "On Personal Data" dated July 27, 2006, in various ways for the purposes specified in these Rules.

The seller uses the client's personal data in order to:
- registration of the client on the Site;
- registration by the client of the Order in the Internet-shop «»;
- to fulfill its obligations to the client;
- the client receives information about promotions, discounts and news.

The seller undertakes not to disclose the information received from the client. In this case, disclosure of information in the case when the duty of such disclosure is established by the requirements of the current legislation of the Russian Federation is not considered a violation of obligations.


You may be denied service without explanation.

Changes to the rules.

These rules may be amended. We will inform you about these changes in the news of our store. All previously completed orders will be conducted according to the current rules at the time of order.